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Summary: "Now a week stretched before them in the hell on Earth that was Cocoa Beach." High school AU.
Rated: PG-13
Categories: Stargate Atlantis Characters: John Sheppard, Rodney McKay
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Word count: 7756 Read: 7224
Published: 03/26/2007 Updated: 03/26/2007
Story Notes:
This is a story I've been calling my "Disney AU" even though it does not take place at Disneyworld. Yes, my friends from X-Men Movieverse are laughing at me right now, because they remember when I wouldn't even *read* kidfic.

This is my response to Victoria's Mp3 Challenge (yes, it was assigned over a year ago--I totally dragged my heels on the final edits). My assigned song was "Teenage Kicks" by Undertones, and it made me want to write something that read sort of like a teen romance movie--some crappy parents, some annoying siblings, some hidden tragedy, and the thrill of first love. This was written before the airing of "McKay & Mrs. Miller." This was also written before it became canon that Rodney likes Batman and John plays golf, so even though I got Jossed on Rodney's childhood, I scored on those two references. Thanks to Bethy and Victoria for the beta duties.

1. Chapter 1 by Devil Doll [Reviews - 0] (7756 words)